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  • newWith open arms in Helsinki, the US President elevates Putin on the world stage
    Vladimir Putin has stood the test of time through four American presidents, but from Donald Trump he is looking for one thing in particular: to be elevated on the world stage, away from global isolation.
    - 1 hour ago 15 Jul 18, 7:22pm -
  • newTrump: I 'hadn't thought of' asking Putin for indicted Russians
    President Donald Trump says he will speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin about extraditing the 12 Russian military intelligence agents indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday for meddling in the 2016 election, adding it's somethin…
    - 6 hours ago 15 Jul 18, 3:02pm -
  • newZakaria: Trump's political genius is this ...
    CNN's Fareed Zakaria dissects the Republican Party's evolution, calling their ideology malleable and saying the "party of law and order now has deep distrust for the FBI."
    - 6 hours ago 15 Jul 18, 2:44pm -
  • newTrump casts doubt on holding Putin accountable
    President Donald Trump plans to raise the issue of election meddling in his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but he told officials during his UK visit that he already knows Putin will again deny interference in the 2016 election -- and d…
    - 2 hours ago 15 Jul 18, 6:21pm -
  • newHow past presidents have handled Putin
    President Donald Trump will be the fourth US president to hold a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. CNN's Jake Tapper looks at how President Trump's predecessors handled their meetings with Putin.
    - 8 hours ago 15 Jul 18, 1:15pm -
  • newOpinion: Putin wants to pull a fast one on Trump
    Every week, I offer a glimpse of the kind of intelligence assessments that are likely to come across the desk of the President of the United States. Modeled on the President's Daily Briefing, or PDB, which the director of national intelligence prepar…
    - 47 mins ago 15 Jul 18, 8:02pm -
  • newOpinion: Trump, be a patriot, not a dupe, with Putin
    In announcing the indictment against 12 Russian military intelligence officers on Friday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made a plea to the American public: "When we confront foreign interference in American elections, it's important for us t…
    - 2 hours ago 15 Jul 18, 6:28pm -
  • newSen. Feinstein gets snubbed by her fellow CA Democrats
    Leaders of the California Democratic Party on Saturday voted overwhelmingly to endorse Kevin de León for the US Senate over incumbent Sen. Dianne Feinstein.
    - 4 hours ago 15 Jul 18, 4:49pm -
  • newTrump calls the European Union a US 'foe'
    President Donald Trump named the European Union, Russia and China as foes to the United States during an interview at his golf club in Scotland.
    - 5 hours ago 15 Jul 18, 3:34pm -
  • newOpinion: Americans are paying for Trump to promote his golf courses
    Forget "Make America Great Again." What President Donald Trump truly cares about is "MTGA" -- "Make Trump Great Again," and we saw another example of this objective over the weekend. Trump, playing the role of a pitchman, used his trip to Scotland as…
    - 50 mins ago 15 Jul 18, 7:59pm -

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